Traveling to Norway On a Budget? Go to Trondheim.

Norway is famous for being an expensive country, but that should not stop you from visiting such a beautiful place. The capital Oslo attracts many tourists and has all the entertainment a big city has to offer. But if you rather go local on a trip to and have a budget to stay on, Trondheim might be a perfect choice.

Make Local Friends

Trondheim is known for gathering university students from all over Norway and the world. So it’s obviously crowded with young people that live in houses and apartments rented with other friends. Students usually rent a hybel, a room in buildings designed for young people – individual rooms with a little bathroom, a kitchen in each floor with more or less six rooms – or rent an entire apartment, where they live together with other students.

For a traveler, that means you will always have someplace to crash. Norwegians are known for being reserved and shy people, but they are really welcoming and many students use social networking apps to meet other people and even to host them. Trust and respect is a big trait of Norwegian people, so finding a host on apps like Couchsurfing won’t be a hard challenge, especially if you have some time before the trip to talk and get to know better your possible host. This is my biggest tip for traveling to Norway: start talking to local people before going there.

Stay In Trondheim During The Weekend

The way the city works is pretty much influenced by the student’s routine. From Monday to Thursday there is not much happening, since the students have classes and other activities. On weekends, the vibe is completely different. From Friday to Sunday, the streets are full all the time – especially if the weather is good -, and people go hiking, skiing, partying, have barbecues and picnics by the seashore and meet friends in pubs and bars. So another tip is to stay in the city during the weekend…

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